Available in September, redesigned Oil Delivery Tray and Composite Thrust Washer

compensaver 1

What it is

The CompenSaver is an oil delivery system to prevent premature failure of the Harley Davidson compensator #42200064A on the Twin Cam engines produced starting in 2014. The compensator is retro fit-able from 2007 through 2013 model years. Cast in high quality steel.

What it does

The CompenSaver redistributes lubrication to the working surfaces of the compensator that has been thrown out due to centrifugal forces. It supports and enhances the capillary action created by the Harley compensator by providing a generous oil supply to the interior of the assembly that otherwise is receiving an inadequate supply of oil to properly protect the spokes, cam and cam splines plus increases the oil supply to the oil intake at the end of the retainer providing a consistant oil flow to the sprocket bore and thrust areas.

What it prevents

  • Excessive wear of the contact surfaces
  • Fretting
  • The composite thrust washer reduces noise produced by the metal on metal roll thrust bearing
  • greatly reduces damaging metal debris in primary assembly
  • Unnecessary costly repairs

Installation Instructions