The CompenSaver is an oil delivery system that enhances the capillary action of the #42200064A version Harley compensator and provides a generous oil supply to the still starved spokes, cam and cam splines aiding in prevention of premature failure of the Harley Davidson compensator produced to fit the 2007 through 2014 model years.
The CompenSaver fits only the #42200064 & A version compensator.

Prior year model premature failures were occurring due to the absence of lubrication on the working contact load surfaces. As with the prior versions centrifugal forces clears oil from the assembly rapidly. The #42200064A version change is introducing oil through Harley’s intake at the end of the retainer and utilizes capillary action to move the oil to the starved areas. Inadequate oil supply is making its way to the rear of the assembly to lubricate the spokes, cam and cam splines. Along with the wider cam ramps, this has slowed the destructive forces. However we are finding premature wear is continuing to occur and without the added volume of lubrication provided by the CompenSaver Oil Delivery Tray the service life will be reduced substantially.

The added noise resonating from the #42200064A is partly due to the metal on metal of the axial roller thrust bearing. Replacing the roller with a specifically designed composite washer aids in a reduction of noise. It also relieves the growing concerns of reliability with the application of a roller thrust bearing in the #42200064A.