2014 Comp Design

2014 comp design

Harley started producing its current primary design in 2006 releasing it later that year in limited numbers and making it a standard starting in 2007. The original comps quickly proved to be a failure issue so the Motor Company (MoCo) introduced the Screening Eagle (SE) Compensator to offer an alternative to the weaker stock unit. From the SE units first introduction it also was plagued with premature failures. These failures stemmed from lack of lubrication of the contact surfaces.

It was not until 7 years later (2014 models release 8/30/ 2013) and countless failures that Harley introduced their effort to fix the problem. The MoCo’s solution was to;

  1. Collect oil in a scoop and direct it into a centrifugal intake.
  2. Use capillary action to move oil to the starved areas.
  3. Increase spring pressure slightly with the addition of a shim which was removed on the #42200064A version.
  4. Replace the fiber thrust washer with a 3 part axial roller bearing.
  5. Place grooves on the spokes in the contact areas of the cam in an effort to retain oil on those sliding contact surfaces.
  6. Increase cam ramp width.

As a added note:

  • The new comp costs $50 more.
  • Does not include a new rotor. This is required if you have one of the original stock comps and costs about $100.
  • As a retro fitment the plastic oil try has to be glued in place. The glue is not included in the kit. For those DIY folks not having a dealer do the install, the glue costs $47 and requires a special tool to dispense. The other option is a new cover for about $350