Here Is the CompenSaver oil tray installed utilizing the #42200064A comp


comp gallery 1

Picture Easy 2 bolt installation and you have a very generous oil supply to starved areas. Oil is thrown from the chain into the tray and oil is liberally discharged into the spokes and cam contact surfaces along with the cam and shaft extension splines. Both areas are poorly lubricated by the #42200064A comp design. This also creates a vastly higher volume of splash to the front of the comp providing a much increased flow to the intake holes.
comp gallery 2
The discharge holes that will supply the stream of needed oil to the vital components. With a simple removal of a portion of the webbing in the cover allows proper fitment of the oil tray. Also we have attached a powerful magnet in the tray to aid in removal of metal debris that is very harmful to the entire primary assembly.
comp gallery 3 The composite thrust washer installed. Replacing all 3 of the axial roller parts, rollers & cage and the 2 steel washers.