Our thanks goes out to all who have trusted us and tried the CompenSaver on both style SE Compensators. We are a couple of old Harley loyalest with some know-how and a highly talented youngster with the Performance shop that just wanted to fix our bikes for the long haul and didn’t realize how many others were just like us. So we were compelled to share the dependability we had restored to our rides we love so much.

Richard, Ron and Steve


Posted on HDTALKING March , 2014

The idea of the “Compensaver” and the way it is made to oil the needed parts that usually run DRY/and Rust, is a BIG Improvement over the old “A” SE compensator replacement that I put into my 09 King. I grooved my compensator face to get some oil into it BUT The COMPENSAVER would have really helped on mine, even when I’m using the “A” SE replacement compensator.

NOW combining the Newer Comp. with the lube holes and the CompenSaver is the Cats Meow…
It IS just like Hoople said to me before he left this forum ……” The compensaver is A Quality Built/Best Idea item he ran across that will do the Oiling Job and Prevent/STOP Fretting…”

NO Guilt in Giving Credit where Credit is Due…. Products that help us out like the COMPENSAVER does, should be Broadcast here for all to see….



Email to us April, 2014

I have been running the CompenSaver in the primary of my 08 FLHX with a 148 hp 124″ engine for the past year and I run ATF fluid in my primary. I went thru two SE comps before purchasing the CompenSaver. My hope was to add it to my primary to try to cure my SE comp woes. With the purchase of my 3rd SE comp along with the added CompenSaver…my primary has operated flawlessly and has not made a peep ever since I installed it.
I had my primary apart again this past winter to do a final drive chain conversion from the belt drive. I was absolutely amazed at the condition of my comp once I had my primary opened up. It had no galling or fretting anywhere and looked as good as new with a little over 5000 miles put on it. My first two SE comp’s only had 1500 miles on each of them before they started making a terrible racket…and once I pulled them apart…both comp’s were basically dry with galling and fretting. They both were terrible condition because they were not getting any oil to the inside them. Now with the CompenSaver added to my primary…my comp is enjoying a bath on the inside everytime I start it up.

I couldn’t be happier with the results!

aka No Cents


Emailed to us April, 2014

Setting up my ’08 FLHX with a 117 motor, and a performance clutch system that requires ATF. I was very concerned that my new SE compensator wouldn’t live long. Seems that no matter what lube is used, the SE compensators don’t have a very long life. After seeking options to prolong the compensator’s life, I decided that the GMR Compensaver would be my only option, and best chance of getting life out of the SE compensator. After 7,500+ miles running ATF in my primary, the compensator looks great, and performs as it should. There’s no other option out there for getting lubrication into the compensator that they desperately need.

Brian W.


Emailed to us April 11, 2014

I like others have had plenty of problems and complaints from customers about the new style comps. Noisy, galling, worn out before they ever get off the dyno. The compensaver address these issues and after checking my own after 8000 miles of run time on it. My comp still looks like the day I put it in. Absolutely no noise and I haven’t had a customer complaint about the ones I have installed. Great product.

Jason C
C&S Speed Shop