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It’s Bigger… It’s Better… It’s Throttle Hog!

Introducing S&S Throttle Hog Huge Boar EFI Throttle Bodies for 2008–’12 Harley-Davidson® Throttle-by-Wire EFI

throttle hog 1If you’re the kind of rider who’s satisfied with the performance of your stock late-model Harley-Davidson® bagger, stop reading right now, and use this brochure to line the bottom of your parakeet cage. However, if you want to go really fast, read on!

It’s common knowledge that to make more power you need to get more air into your motor. That’s what the new Throttle Hog throttle bodies are for. More Air. If you have a large displacement fuel injected engine with throttle-by-wire, you need a Throttle Hog!

Throttle Hogs are available in three sizes: 58mm, 66mm, and the giant 70mm. The 58mm is recommended for street engines up to 110 cubic inches and is perfect for our 106″ big bore kits. The 66mm is recommended for engines with stock style heads, with round intake ports, of up to 125 cubic inches. That makes them ideal for our 124″ Hot Set Up Kit® or T124 engines. The 70mm Throttle Hog is specifically for large displacement engines with S&S B2 special application cylinder heads. That means the port ends are machined with the oval port shape to match the ports on the heads.

The manifold end of Throttle Hogs with 58mm and 66mm bore diameters are machined for stock height engines. The 70mm B2 throttle body is designed for 145″ engines but requires customer alteration to accommodate smaller engine heights.

Special S&S Stealth air cleaner kits are available for Throttle Hog throttle bodies. Use your stock air cleaner cover or choose one of the S&S covers. Get maximum cosmetic flexibility as well as maximum performance. Go fast and look good doing it!

Sold On Exchange Only

throttle hog 2Here’s how it works. In order to make your throttle-by-wire system work effectively and dependably, we need to use the stock electronics from your current throttle body. So S&S requires that you send in a working Harley-Davidson® electronic control throttle body. Your stock unit will be tested to make sure it works correctly. Non-functional stock throttle bodies will not be accepted. Once we know your electronics are OK, we will transfer them to your new Throttle Hog, and you are ready to have some fun! You’re new Throttle Hog will typically be shipped within 2–3 days of receipt at S&S.

S&S® Cycle, Incorporated warrants the S&S components of your Throttle Hog throttle body to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase by the original consumer customer. If any parts become defective during the warranty coverage period, S&S will, at its option, repair or replace any, or all, defective parts. Repair or replacement of defective parts is the sole and exclusive remedy.

In the event that any OEM component re-utilized in the assembly of the throttle body fails, S&S may service the unit
provided the OEM components are supplied to S&S at the time of service.

The following parts will also be required for the S&S throttle-by-wire Throttle Hog throttle body.
• Screamin’ Eagle® Pro high flow injectors H-D® PN 27796-08
• Intake Manifold Flange H-D® PN 27059-05A (2pk) (58mm & 66mm Only)
• Intake Manifold Flange Seal H-D® PN 27035-05 (2pk) (58mm & 66mm Only)
• Intake Manifold Flange and Seal Kit S&S PN 16-0250 (70mm Only)
• A performance motorcycle tuning module. S&S recommends Dynojet® PowerVision, or Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner

throttle hog 3This chart compares air flow of a stock throttle body to the S&S® Throttle Hogs. Tests were performed on a SuperFlow® 1020 flow bench at 28 inches of water test pressure. Throttle bodies were tested with backplates only, no air filter or air cleaner cover. It’s easy to see the difference.

Choose Your Throttle Hog*

  Size Part Number
58mm 160-0034
66mm 160-0010
70mm 160-0039
*Sold on exchange only! 2–3 day turnaround.