S&S Stealth Air Cleaner

ss air cleaner 1

S&S Stealth Air Cleaner

ss air 1Fly under the RADAR!
(will not prevent speeding tickets)

Everybody likes to go fast, but not everybody likes to advertise.

The S&S Stealth air cleaner kits are for the rider who likes to go fast, but wants to be just a little bit sneaky. Get all the performance of the S&S design, including the air directional “stinger” cone in the filter, and hide it under your stock Harley-Davidson® air cleaner cover.

Owners of 1999–2012 Harley-Davidson® big twins can install the new S&S Stealth air cleaner kit and pick up more power, using their stock air cleaner cover. Nobody will know because it looks entirely stock. We’re talking sleeper hog!

Owners of 1993–1999 big twins with Evolution® engines and owners of Sportster® models can get the same performance kick—but won’t be able to use their stock covers.

X-Wedge® owners can now be Stealthy with the Stealth kit—but won’t be able to use their stock covers—there’s many covers to choose from.

See charts below for styles and pricing

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Watch the New Stealth Air Cleaner KitInstallation Video

Or… If You Got It, Flaunt It! With S&S® Super Stock™ Air Cleaner Covers

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Of course, there are always those who figure if you got it, you ought to flaunt it. For those riders, we offer a line of stylish air cleaner covers to go with the new Stealth air cleaners. For the traditionalist, there is the Airstreamcover— an updated version of the classic S&S teardrop. For those looking for more custom flair, we offer the Bobber and Muscle covers or the new Tri-SpokeTorker, and Air 1 covers. These are small diameter round covers that leave the filter element exposed for a high performance don’t mess with me look and a performance boost as well. The new Airstream, Bobber, and Muscle covers for the Stealth air cleaners are available in show quality chrome or Black Jack (wrinkle black) finish. If you decide you want to change your look, changing to another cover can be done in a matter of minutes. Style, flexibility, and options!

Note—S&S Stealth air cleaner kits may fit other covers using a 5/16″ central mounting bolt.

Air cleaner kits are available without covers (Stealth) or with one of the S&S chrome covers. Other S&S covers are also available in case you decide to change your look. If you want a black cover, order the stealth kit and a black cover separately.

All New Stealth Cover Designs



Air 1



  • Fits the new S&S Stealth air cleaner kits
  • An updated version of the speed inspired S&S teardrop shape
  • Screened vent for more air without sucking in rain/road debris
  • Steel construction with your choice of chrome or Black Jack
    (wrinkle black powdercoat)
Chrome 170-0118
Black Jack 170-0122


  • Fits the new S&S Stealth air cleaner kits
  • Minimalist air cleaner cover that really delivers the goods!
  • Fits over the end of the air filter and leaves the filter element exposed
  • Choose from the Dished Bobber or the Domed Bobber covers
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum in chrome or Black Jack

Bobber Dished Cover

Chrome 170-0119
Black Jack 170-0123

Bobber Domed Cover

Chrome 170-0120
Black Jack 170-0124



  • Leaves the entire air filter exposed for a raw hot rod look
  • Cover is held on with muscle car style hood pins
  • Fits the new S&S Stealth air cleaner kits
  • Similar to the Bobber covers
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum in chrome or Black Jack
Chrome 170-0121
Black Jack 170-0125

S&S® Stealth Air Cleaner Kits For Stock Fuel Systems

Application Fuel System Stealth (No Cover) AirstreamChrome Dished BobberChrome Domed BobberChrome Muscle Chrome
S&S® X-Wedge S&S Closed Loop Single Bore VFI 170-0200
2008–’12 bt, Stock EFI, Throttle by Wire 170-0061 170-0054 170-0097 170-0098 170-0096
2001–’12 bt Stock EFI, except Throttle by Wire 170-0060 170-0056 170-0104 170-0105 170-0106
1999–’06 bt Stock CV 170-0060 170-0056 170-0104 170-0105 170-0106
1993–’99 bt Stock CV 170-0100 170-0055 170-0101 170-0102 170-0103
1991–’12 xl Stock CV/EFI 170-0093 170-0053 170-0094 170-0095 170-0096

S&S® Stealth Air Cleaner Kits For S&S Super E and G Carburetors

Application Stealth(No Cover) AirstreamChrome Dished BobberChrome Domed BobberChrome Muscle Chrome
1999-’06 bt 170-0058 170-0063 170-0110 170-0111 170-0112
1993-’99 bt 170-0057 170-0062 170-0108 170-0107 170-0109
1991-’03 xl 170-0113 170-0114 170-0115 170-0116 170-0117
1936–’92 bt & 1957–’90 xl 170-0176

Emissions note:
Use on fuel injected motorcycles allowed under CARB EO D-355-11
Use on carbureted motorcycles limited to closed course competition use only