The Harley C lifter has been creating issue for several years now. What you see below is the stock lifter with less than 14,000 miles on them. As you can see there is fretting and metal transfer off the roller. This lifter is made in Mexico and is by far a low dollar item. So on to the upside we are very happy to release our own lifter that is 100% made in the USA. Some company’s will logo a part with made in USA but really its only put together here with all parts being made overseas or in mexico.

The GMR Performance lifter has features such as Faster pump up, Custom check ball and spring package, tighter machine tolerances, able to handle high valve spring pressure, high lift cams, extremely low leak down rate. As well each one is tested. Correct top end oiling. The laser engraving is being taken care of now. So take your pick made in mexico lifter that is poorly made or ours. Should be a easy choice.

  • Cost 189.00 per set
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on these lifters
lifter 1 lifter 2 lifter 3