Dyno Results

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Expert tuning with Power commander, TTS SERT SEST T MAX , supercharger, turbo and NOS applications. EFI tuning and remapping of your stock ECM. We work on anything from touring bikes to full drag applications, as well as EFI Import bikes.

All of the dyno tuning is done on a the latest Dyno Jet 250I dyno.

dynobooth1Tuning is performed on premises with a state of the art dyno test cell equipped with a Dynojet 250i load control dynamometer. We do not tune in open air where the bike can be over heated, or in a homemade “dyno room” that has inadequate air exchange.

Our per manufacture test cell has state of the art air circulation which is moving over 32,000 CFM air a minute! In addition to our massive air exchange fans there are two high-speed high volume blowers to allow us to keep your engine at the proper temperature for tuning and without harming it. The 250I Dyno features eddy current power absorption technology. This means that we can pinpoint each cell in the tuning program at any given RPM or throttle position, while we monitor the engines own ECM.

We have at our disposal many programs to allow us to tune your motorcycle to perfection; some of these programs are provided to us by the manufacturer for testing as well to constantly improve the tuning tools themselves. We pride ourselves with unmatched experience and the expertise to make your bike run its absolute best.

Do NOT be fooled by low cost tuning, or tunes that are done in a short period of time. Our standard tune will take several hours. We are more than happy to provide the customer with a copy of your custom tuned map. If you want that please bring along a thumb drive.

Dyno tuning is not just for performance it is about your engine running correctly with the parts that are installed on your bike. Internet downloads or email tunes are nothing but a base map and tuning over the internet is nothing but a guessing game. If you want it done correctly then it requires your bike to be 100% tuned on a dyno.

GMR Performance specializes in catering to our many customers who bring us bikes from all over the country, if you are from out of the area we can make special arrangements for you if need be.

Tuners that we work with:

  • TTS
  • SERT
  • T MAX

Items to check before you show up:

  • Tires in good shape
  • Stock spark plugs & wires
  • Full tank of fresh fuel. (No octane boost of additives in fuel please)
  • If the bike has not been serviced we can do that before the tune
  • On big CI builds we assume that you have the proper clutch and drive line upgrades
  • Labor rate for additional work is $85/hr



2014 limited 100% stock vs our Genesis cam and ex + tune results 2013 CVO 110 SE BUILD 577 CAM CVO 113 touring package
Dealer 103 build with 255 cams vs our Genesis cam Complete 107 kit with cam CNC heads 107 big bore kit Another CVO 113 touring package
 120R with pro charger supercharger at 13 psi boost Our 621 cam in a 120R engine with reduced compression Our 577 cam vs the dealer stage III build

Contact us at 682-647-1141 or email us at sales@gmrperformance.com for your appointments and prices today. Please note that due to the extreme demand of our services and expertise, our schedule for GMR Dyno tuning services can be booked out several weeks in advance, so please do not wait until the last minute to get your bike properly tuned make your appointment early!